April 23, 2015

Clear Surgical Mask for Lip Readers

Some of my students who are interested in working in the medical field have asked about how they would be able to communicate with medical staff members wearing surgical masks. For many people who rely on lip reading, trying to communicate with someone whose mouth is covered can be a headache or impossible. I would not be able to stand it.

Finally, in 2014, a nurse created a clear surgical mask that should help:


I hope this idea takes off. It is necessary to have the ability to communicate with medical staff without much trouble. The last place misunderstandings or communication errors should happen is in the hospital or the doctor's office.

The only downside: It looks slightly creepy. Well, the picture they provided in the article looks creepy to me.

             Picture from http://bit.ly/1EnzZ4B                      

Also, I wonder if the condensation from one's breath as they talk will fog up the clear window in the mask. That could be a problem.

What do you think?


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